Batteries and Supplies


  • Size 10 – yellow pkg
  • Size 13 – orange pkg
  • Size 312 – brown pkg
  • Size 675 – blue pkg

Hearing aid batteries are zinc-air powered and mercury-free. An adhesive tab seals the battery from air, and removing the tab activates the battery. Do not remove the tab until you are ready to use the battery. Be sure you put the battery in the battery door compartment properly, never in the chamber of the hearing aid. If you insert the battery incorrectly, the door will not close easily. Never force the door closed.

Hearing aid batteries should always be stored at room temperature. Never leave them in your car during warm weather. The heat can soften the adhesive on the tab and clog the air holes in the battery.

Remember to open the battery door completely anytime you are not wearing the hearing aids, especially overnight. This will save battery life and allow ventilation in the chamber.

Dry & Store Unit and Dry-Briks

This system is the most effective way to care for hearing instruments of all types-traditional hearing aids as well as implants. Dry &Store gently circulates warm, dry air around your hearing aids, while the Dry-Brik desiccant captures the moisture. The UV lamp kills germs that are often the cause of odors, itching and irritation.

Hearing Aid Saver – Ideal for Travel

Hearing Aid Saver’s special moisture-absorbing beads keep your hearing aid safe and dry. The beads are easily reactivated in a microwave.

Wax Guards

Most hearing aids have wax guards to keep ear wax from damaging the hearing aid receiver. The guards need to be replaced regularly. We carry wax guards for most manufacturers. If the wax guard gets clogged, your hearing aid will sound weak or may not work at all.

Domes, receivers, and tubing

For routine maintenance and/or minor repairs, we carry supplies to keep your hearing aids working efficiently.

Hear Plugs

Hear Plugs are designed to reduce harmful noise while allowing you to hear and enjoy music or conversations.