About Our Practice

Wake Audiology has been serving the area since May 2005. We specialize in providing thorough hearing exams and detailed consultations to help us determine the exact nature of your hearing concerns. On your first visit we’ll spend time learning about you, your hearing loss, your lifestyle, and your specific listening needs. The evaluation and consultation will determine if your hearing loss is due to a medical condition, or to a more common cause such as genetics, noise exposure, or natural aging. We’ll help you understand your auditory system, from the ears to the brain. If test results indicate that you are among the 5-10% of hearing loss patients who could be helped by medical treatment, we will promptly refer you to a physician. Most hearing losses are not medically treatable, but hearing aids offer significant help, even if you’ve been told you have “nerve loss”.

Your hearing loss affects those who care most about you, so we welcome family members to join in the sessions. Good communication involves the speaker and the listener. We are often able to teach your family some practical ways to help you enjoy the best possible hearing.