Patient Testimonials

“Office Staff was very inviting and pleasant. Ginny has an infectious laugh and all of the paperwork was completed online prior to my visit. Dr. Jessica was very professional during the evaluation: asking specific questions, physically checking my ears, and making me feel comfortable before, during and after the test. She was able to communicate with me while I was in the sound proof chamber which was something I had never experienced before. No head phones anymore. They are using the latest technology. Dr. Jessica explained the results and how to interpret the findings using excellent color reports and send me home with a copy for my records. If you need/want your hearing checked in NC this is the place to get it done.” JG

“Dr Jessica Silvani is excellent at what she does..She makes sure you are comfortable with you hearing aids & your hearing has improved Dr Silvani is always available if needed. I would highly recommend Wake Audiology in Wake Forest” RS

Kudos to the entire team at Wake Audiology for going “above and beyond” to assist with repairing my dad’s hearing aid quickly and at a very reasonable price. They are very friendly and very professional. Dad and I are customers for life!BC

It has been decades since my hearing was checked. My appointment at Wake Audiology started on-time (actually a little early) and was very informative. I felt my concerns were handled very professionally without being intimidating in any way. Everyone from the front check-in to the audiologist were friendly and attentive. I would highly recommend.BB

“Wake Audiology is a great place to get medical care for hearing problems. We have been taking my 94 year old dad to see Dr. Vrooman who is outstanding – -knowledgeable, adaptable to patient and family needs, compassionate and understanding. Highly recommend!” SM

“Wake Audiology was very helpful in getting my insurance coverage information before my first visit. The hearing test was very complete and the results were clearly explained to me. I was provided a copy of my test results. All the options for hearing aids were explained and priced. I will be returning to get new hearing aids at Wake Audiology.” Barbara B.

“Dr. Vrooman was very thorough and professional as she gave me an explanation of the workings and limitations of my current hearing aids and the improvements in the technology of the latest version. She explained the aspects of the hearing test and administered my test and thoroughly explained the results. I was very impresses with Dr. Vrooman.” Glenn M.

“This was an excellent experience. The other audiologists I went to seemed more concerned with selling me their most expensive hearing aids than getting me the ones that would be best for me. I was very happy with the way I was taken care of.” Bill W.

“Amazing service! Both doctors made my mom feel so special and I’m so grateful for the gift of her hearing again! They took the time to explain everything in such detail and made sure when we came back for the fitting of the hearing aids ordered that we were comfortable using them before we left. Would HIGHLY recommend!!” Dawn F.

“I’m so pleased with this office. Ginny was kind and helpful. Dr. Silvani listened well and explained everything. I’m happy to have all the information I need. Thank you!” Karen S.

“I love my hearing aids and the staff is friendly, caring and very professional. I would recommend to anyone needing help with there hearing.” Bob B.

“If you’re local to the North Raleigh area, Wake Audiology is a great place to go to have your hearing checked. Dr. Vrooman & her staff are very friendly & professional. They are willing & able to answer all your questions & provide you with the best possible care. I would definitely recommend them.”  David Coleman

“I want to let you know that my appointment was a great experience. Dr. Vrooman and Dr. Silvani gave me the information that I needed.”  Robert Jacobs

“If you are looking for a professional, caring and friendly audiologist, Wake Audiology and Hearing Associates is definitely a five star doctors office.  So many times I walk into a doctors office and the staff just does not seem to truly care.  Well at Wake Audiology, they care about you.  Dr. Vrooman takes her time with you and helps with all your hearing needs!  Carol and Sandy always have a smile on their face and are ready to help you with your needs.  I really can go on and on about what a great office this is. If you need an Audiologist, this is your place.” Karen T.

“If you are looking for an audiologist and staff that will help improve your hearing, whether you need a new device or just need an adjustment on what you already have, this is the group.  They are kind, caring and professional to the “nth” degree.  Dr. Vrooman and her staff have set the bar very high!  So glad we found Wake Audiology.”  BWS

“I have used hearing aids for 35 years.  Wake Audiology is the best place I have encountered for quality care and service of the 7 I used in other cities.”  CAS

“I would recommend Wake Audiology to anyone having a hearing problem.  From Dr. Vrooman to her staff, they are very caring and helpful.”  SK

“I have just completed my first visit, and everyone was very professional and friendly. They asked my wife to come as well, and gave us a great deal of relevant information about age and hearing loss. What is even more important, they did NOT try and sell us devices we do not yet need! I added them to my list of regular check-ups.”  Yalova84

“The very best.  Take lots of time to understand your hearing issues and match with best solution.  Support staff is wonderful with any technical issues or accommodating your appointments.  Highly recommend as I have used for 6 years and employ state of the equipment diagnostic equipment.”  David J.

“I was very pleased with their service. They are very friendly and professional. This was my second time there in the last 3 years. I was in and out in about 20 min. I would highly recommend them.”  Linda Ortiz

“The very best. Take lots of time to understand your hearing issues and match with best solution. Support staff is wonderful with any technical issues or accommodating your appointments. Highly recommend as I have used for 6 years and employ state of the equipment diagnostic equipment.”  David Jones

“Today was the second time I needed their services. Under the original owner, and today, the new one. I was treated with respect, kindness, fairness, and honesty. They could have sold me a new pair of hearing aids, but instead, examined, repaired, and cleaned mine, and said I had another 18 months or so on mine. The entire operation is professional, clean, and very well operated. Thank you guys, Rick”  Richard Guerin

“Wake Audiology was excellent!  I previously purchased H/A from a “big box” store and did not realize how much I was missing until purchasing H/A from W/A.  It was an incredible improvement.  Dr. Vrooman was excellent!  Always attentive, personal & knowledgeable.  I recommend Wake Audiology highly.”  WW

“Very good experience! Staff was friendly and helpful! Au.D. was very pleasant and explained everything so it was easy to understand!!!”  Gary Kijik

“The three women are excellent and friendly in what the do. No complaints.” Herbal Parable

“Dr Vrooman very professional and caring lady.  Treated me with respect and explanations were given to my level of understanding. Individual treatment plan explained and fashioned to my needs.  Receptionist, Carol, is very warm, friendly person.  Very well established practice in Wake Forest.  I would encourage any person who is living day to day with a hearing loss to make an appointment with Dr Vrooman at Wake Audiology.”  Reta Caputo

“I didn’t realize how much hearing I had lost until it was restored.”  SA Richards

“My hearing exam was scheduled for 4:00 pm today and upon my arrival I was greeted and the staff was very personable. Dr. Vrooman began with the consult and moved to the actual hearing exam. I felt she was very thorough with the instructions for the test and her explanation of the test results. I will return for my annual exam in one year. This office is convenient and easy to get to off main Street. Yes on this recommendation.”  Delbert Rutherford

“Very good service.  Explained hearing aid options in a clear, understandable way.  Hearing aids work great.”  RJB

“Thank you Dr. Vrooman, Carol, and staff for helping to improve my life.  Having the ability to hear makes every day much more enjoyable.  I use the aids throughout the day.”  TAB

“I’ve had the pleasure of going to Wake audiology over the past 4 years now,always receiving professional services and with a smile,, but today they even exceeded expectations by taking me in on an emergency basis when my hearing aid cable came apart, and I just so happen to have a total hearing analysis being done tomorrow morning at Duke Medical, because I wear a cochlear implant and they also include the hearing aid is part of that test , so without it I would not have been able to take the 2 hour test. Even though I did Not have an appointment Wake Audiology called me back and squeezed me in between patients and actually replaced the cable for me within minutes, when I was handed the hearing aid back I never expected it to be repaired and working perfectly that quickly, but it was!! Everyone in that office is wonderful and always try to be helpful and they do it all with a smile, I feel very lucky to have found Wake Audiology and will continue to be a part of their family. They absolutely rate 5 stars and come highly recommended, that’s why they’ve won Wake Forest’s Best Audiologist Award for many many years now.”  RB

“The owner and all the staff are very eager to help in any situation.  I have and will continue to sing their praises.”  Eileen Goglia

“Very professional staff. I really enjoyed my experience with Wake Audiology. If you are in need of hearing aids please contact these folks.”  Ronald Sharp

“Dr. was very thorough, took the time to answer all my questions. Very pleased.”  Rich Swatt

“The staff here is so professional and friendly. They hear my concerns and act on them to my complete satisfaction.” Kathleen Laughlin

“This was an excellent experience. The other audiologists I went to seemed more concerned with selling me their most expensive hearing aids than getting me the ones that would be best for me. I was very happy with the way I was taken care of.”  Bill Wandrack

“Always so patient to listen to my concerns and try for a solution. A very pleasant office to visit like friends.”  Ray Taylor

“It’s worth the trip from Fayetteville!” PW

“Have been having difficulties with my hearing aid and Dr. Vrooman reset and also put some hearing aid creme on the device so it would not move and now it is perfect. Thank you so much Dr. Vrooman as my hearing aid is great.”  Larry Kranking

“Wake Audiology, Dr. Samantha Vrooman and her staff are have shown us that there really are doctors and staff that truly care about their patients and their well being. If you have a hearing problem please call them for an appointment. You will experience professionalism and expertise from Dr Vrooman in determining your hearing needs from testing and the latest technology available. Her staff is available to help you in any way they can to ensure your visit is a positive experience.  We were very fortunate to have found her for our hearing needs.”  Linda S.

“My whole experience with wake audiology was very pleasant from the time I walked in. Carol was very helpful, and Dr Vrooman was very thorough and explained everything to me. I highly recommend this group.”  Susan K.

“Always very prompt and professional I am a very satisfied new customer love my Oticon hearing aids Thanks Dr Vrooman.”  Miles H.

“Wake Audiology has outstanding professionals assist with every need. They provide information and personal care every time I visit.” Barbara Wiggins

“They are a great team and always pay attention to any questions or concerns I have, and solve them! I highly recommend them.” B Caverly

“Extremely impressed with the level of professionalism. They explained everything in detail and were patient when repeating information. Never felt rushed through the process.” Karen Hohlefelder

“I’ve checked “VERY SATISFIED” but in my own words … Their knowledge and pleasant attitude is GREAT.  Always helpful and patient.  Thank you.”  BB

“Dr Vrooman lives up to Wake Audiology’s many years of A+ service.  I accompanied my mom there for years before Dr Marquis retired.  Now time for hearing aid for me! Same staff, excellent care, questions answered.  Highly recommended!”  Carolyn Avera

“Dr. Marquis couldn’t of found a better person to take over her practice. Dr. Vrooman took the time to learn my history and offered me many helpful solutions moving forward.”  John Racine

“This audiology office is very efficient and friendly.  I have had a very positive experience and I’m happy about the outcome.”  Jeanette Brognano

“Dr. Vrooman was personable, professional, and answered all of my questions to my full satisfaction. Looking forward to receiving my hearing aids and her continued support.”  Victor Canez

“As in the past visits, I was seen promptly by Carol and Sandy to prepare for my visit with Dr. Vroman, my 1st visit with her. My cleaned and repaired aids were working beautifully that night in a noisy restaurant.” JMW

“Outstanding team, extremely accommodating and knowledgeable staff. Dr Vrooman is the best! Her patience is second to none.  I encourage you to try this office when the need occurs.”  Robert Griffin

“I have been a patient at Wake Audiology for over a year now.  I started going to see them with issues concerning my old outdated hearing aids.  They assisted me in repairing the old hearing aids even though they were over 10 years old.  When it became evident I needed to get new updated hearing aids they provided the necessary testing and within 1 week I has back in business.  They consistently work with my schedule for follow up visits and I  usually spend less than 5 minutes in the waiting room.  I couldn’t be happier with the professional and friendly service I get there.”  Bob L.

“Warm & friendly atmosphere.  Excellent assessment of my hearing loss.  Knowledgeable about best aid for me.  Never felt like I was hurried through but felt like they were most interested in my satisfaction.”  RS 

“From my initial contact, Wake Audiology provided excellent assistance with the selection, fitting and follow-up for my hearing aids.  Each staff member was highly professional and caring!” GBC

“Love the backup and support if I ever need any help.”  SR

“Professional and friendly staff.  The level of expertise and service would be difficult to match!”  MEB

“Wake Audiology was recommended by a friend and I have found them to be every bit as helpful in seeing me through my first year of wearing hearing aids — which I needed!” DG

“Fantastic, attentive, caring, supportive.” MB

“Ya’ll are fabulous!” GJ

“I love my hearing aids!!” EC

“Love my new “ears” (hearing).  Great to hear kids and understand them.  No problems.  Love the phone app that controls volume.  Note, have already told two friends about you, your staff.  Highly recommend to anyone needing hearing help.”  KSP

“The staff at Wake Audiology provide excellent customer service.  They are responsive to the patient’s needs and provide a very friendly atmosphere.” JS

“You guys are great.” DN

“They have improved the quality of my life and made it safer for me on construction sites.”  RN

“I am and have been pleased from the first visit with the people, care and hearing aids.  So thankful!” CM

“Very satisfied.  Appreciate the care and kindness given to my mother she receives at every visit along with the very professional service.”  JL

“Without Wake Audiology and its friendly outstanding service, I would be forced to drop many of my outside activities.  What a boring life that would be!”  PS

“Everyone at Wake Audiology treats me with courtesy and respect.  They help in every way possible to improve my hearing in a variety of settings.  I would recommend them highly to anyone considering hearing aids.” NPC/ASC

“The best experience ever!” ER

“I could not have asked for any better service.  All the staff is very nice and friendly.” DH

“A friendly staff that truly cares about its patients.”  DM

“Just great people, everyone!”  RL

“Great service and friendly staff.”  EZ

“Very satisfied with Wake Audiology.  Would highly recommend Wake Audiology to anyone needing their services.” TW

“The service that my mom received was excellent.  Everyone was very professional and kind.  I have already told friends how great everyone was.”  REB

“Wake Audiology is very person-friendly, sensitive to your personal needs and very encouraging.” KS

“The people at Wake Audiology are incredibly professional and unbelievably helpful.  They bend over backwards to satisfy their customers.  I highly recommend them.” RP

“The best hearing screening and advice for selecting hearing aids which I have ever had in 10 years of wearing hearing aids.”  LK

“I would highly recommend Wake Audiology.  The entire staff is knowledgeable, professional and always go the extra mile to satisfy.” RB

“The staff has always been cordial, patient and courteous.  My thanks to each and everyone.”  HD

“We so enjoy coming to your practice and whenever we leave, we really have a good feeling from all of you being so friendly, courteous, fun to kid around with, and most of all … being so helpful with our hearing loss situations!!  Thank you for all you have done throughout the years for us!” SH

“Although this comment is long overdue, I wanted to let you know how appreciative I am of my recent appointment with Wake Audiology. I am in heaven. I can hear and rarely have to say “huh”. I knew my hearing had deteriorated but didn’t realize the extent. Since my visit, it is a pleasure to listen to tv programs, conversations, and meetings and finally hear . Thank you Wake Audiology.” AH

“Exceptional experience from start to finish. The entire staff starting at the reception desk-friendly, knowledgeable, helpful, hopeful and compassionate. Thorough testing and informative diagnosis and recommendation of hearing devices and services. Best experience I’ve had through thirty years of hearing loss. I’m so appreciative, grateful and thank you again.” NH

“Having my hearing aids allows my wife to lower her voice and not scream at me all the time. She also is in a better mood because she doesn’t have to repeat herself.” CDR

“My experience has been very good. They took the time to listen to me and help make things better for me everytime I visited their office.” JG

“All the staff is very helpful. I have told my friends to come to you!” GEM

“I’m in my mid 40’s, so I’m relatively young to be needing a hearing aid. So I didn’t have any friends I could call upon for advice or recommendations. Wake Audiology did an exceptional job educating me on my options and working with me to select my hearing aid. They have a very friendly and welcoming office. For having to deal with a difficult life change, Wake Audiology made the transition much easier. I will definitely be recommending them in the future!” KES

“My Audiologist and the staff could not be more helpful. I highly recommend Wake Audiology.” MM

“Patience is an asset in working with people regarding assistance with hearing improvements. Staff at Wake Audiology scores a perfect 10! They are also outstanding in explaining the “why” in all they do.” PK

“It was a most pleasant experience when I was tested and the staff was very accommodating. A pleasure to go there.” RN

“Staff are friendly and knowledgeable, explanations are understandable.” JW

“They are always pleasant and helpful.” NW

“You won’t find any place better than Wake Audiology for your hearing issues. The gals there go out of their way to make sure you’re completely satisfied. ” JB

“Quality product, excellent service, friendly and helpful staff.” JWJ

“Completely satisifed and that says a lot.”JK

“Very professional.” GCO

“I was an out of state visitor and had an emergency. When I called Wake Audiology, I was promptly assisted by a very pleasant doctor and staff. That has continued with subsequent visits and the purchase of new hearing aids.” BEC

“Office staff very pleasant and helpful. I have had difficulty adjusting to this phase of my life. The office staff has been understanding and patient.” MC

“The staff at Wake Audiology have always been helpful, responsive and “good listeners” whenever I have any concerns, questions or requests about my hearing and hearing aids.” KG

“Hearing aids changed my life. I can feel apart of my family again.” AOD

“Dedicated to patients in a friendly way and great expertise!” MM

“I am real pleased with my hearing aid. I have sent 2 people to you all ready. ” RB

“Thorough comprehensive examinations and solutions for your hearing problems in a quiet, pleasant and friendly environment.” SRR

“I have referred you to some of my friends. Keep up the good work!” LB

“Attention and kindness is always there.” GW

“Wake Audiology offers professional service in a pleasant and comfortable environment-always caring about each patient and their special needs.” DTW

“I am satisfied with your services so far without it, I don’t know what I would do. I sure would encourage others.” RH

“I feel like a valued customer every visit to your office. Wonderful staff and great doctor. You all are great.” DS

“I would be glad to recommend others to your services.” MS

“Thank you for convincing me to use my hearing aids. Initially I was reluctant but they have helped at work especially. Very pleasant office.” KW

“Happy with my hearing aids!” PW

“I appreciate the care and attitude from everyone in the office.” OL

“Regret not doing the hearing test and getting my hearing aids sooner because they have greatly improved my quality of life.” WRF

“Very pleased with the professionalism from my initial examination through continuing care and service.” RKR

“Wake Audiology staff go well beyond what is expected. They are a calm voice in a stressful situation. Highly recommended.” SG

“Great team at Wake Audiology. Very helpful in getting me the right brand and model of aids.” RY

“Excellent service and follow up.” EB

“Very satisfied in the way my hearing problem is being handled. I have some difficulty in handling the hearing aid. Your office has met every issue I have encountered. Overall, I would recommend you to friends and family.” AM

“Explains everything well. Makes you feel comfortable.” MF

“Professional, concerned, caring, friendly, patient and will listen to problems.” AS

“Wake Audiology offers the best customer service of any medical office I have ever been in. Everyone on the staff are friendly, helpful and above all–professional!” KH

“You all are awesome-excellent customer service-very friendly and helpful! My new hearing aid has greatly enhanced my quality of life!” AJS

“Everyone has tried very hard to make my aids to work to their best for each situation. I have recommended your service to two friends already.” HT

“Hearing Aids do not solve hearing loss, but Wake Audiology is most diligent in working toward that goal.” DS

“I am extremely happy with Wake Audiology. I was hesitant to explore hearing aids but after being encouraged by my children, my daughter suggested I try Wake Audiology. She had called them to get information and was very impressed with what they had to say. I decided to go for the evaluation, and was so pleased with the doctor and her explanation of everything that I purchased my hearing aids that day. It’s now been several months, and I’m happy to say, I love my hearing aids and the great service I get from Wake Audiology.”BC

“My mother lives in Florida. She will not go to another doctor there. She will wait to go to Wake Audiology. She is 92 years old and is very satisfied with her hearing aids and everyone at Wake Audiology. I was very pleased by the patience and care taking to make sure I was satisfied with my hearing aid.” DC

“Professional, attentive and caring service.” BD

“Everyone was very helpful at all times. I’m pleased with everyone and every thing.” JM

I found everyone at Wake Audiology, helpful, friendly and great to work with. It made a big difference in my life. Thanks for everything! LJ

I am very pleased with Wake Audiology and have recommended several people in your direction. I can’t ask for anything better. EPL

My mother is in a nursing home and was becoming very isolated and depressed due to her hearing loss. The hearing aid we chose was perfectly suited to her situation. Mom, age 90, was treated with respect and care. We have been pleased with the quality of the hearing aid, with the service provided, and with the staff at Wake Audiology. We would highly recommend their services. They truly made a positive change in Mom’s life! LM

Thank you for your kindness and professionalism, as you helped me through this experience. Barbara and I enjoyed the making of a new friendship. PS

This has been a great experience for me. Thank you for everything. RC

Very pleased with my hearing aids from Wake Audiology. RLM

I am very pleased with both the hearing aids and the great people at Wake Audiology. TS

Are you kidding me? Not only does the Wake Audiology team “peg the needle” on professionalism, you are a blast! MH

You all are great. I know that I won’t hear well in all situations, but am doing so much better in many. KSE

I have been extremely happy with every aspect of my experience with Wake Audiology! There is nothing even partially negative to say. DS

The hearing aids I opted for through Wake Audiology are practically invisible in the ear. How wonderful it is to hear everything again. KR

I had used another style and brand of hearing aids and I was very displeased with them. I finally quit wearing them. Then a customer of yours and friend of mine told me about you and said I would be pleased and I agree with him. I am pleased with you and your services. JY

The quality of the service is impeccable. RG

Hearing Aids are well worth the cost as they allow you to hear many sounds you haven’t heard for a while and those you did hear are much clearer. RJE

The only place to go for hearing problems. DET

I was so happy I went here. The audiologist was professional and will take the time to listen to you to find out the best solution. Friendly staff, I’m very satisfied. TT

Very helpful, nice people to deal with. When I call I always get an answer quickly (not two or three days). Very pleasant always and eager to help you (no rushing). FLJ

My life has changed for the better. I have fun and joke with my family which I have missed in the past. RK

Very satisfied with the support I’ve received from this office. My questions and concerns were answered each time I’ve come by or called. JR

I appreciate the personal service I received at Wake Audiology. No other hearing aid supplier ever did that before. I would highly recommend Wake Audiology to other people. LMS

They were very friendly, and did not make you feel like they were rushing you through your appt. LB

I was hesitant to go because no one has ever given me the hope and confidence of hearing that I now have. BEC

First rate–Wouldn’t trust anyone else. Thanks for a great product. DR

I’ve had hearing problems for years. Wake Audiology has been the most informative and knowledgeable at correcting my problem. CWP

The ability to hear again has improved my self confidence and made communication with others enjoyable again. RB

Absolutely incredible! Great staff, very friendly, great experience, and I CAN HEAR! Thank you! – SP

I did not realize how much I was NOT hearing. –LW

Wake Audiology was recommended to me by a friend. The Doctor, front desk, could not be more friendly, helpful. I would suggest this office to anyone! –AB

Great service, focus and understanding of my particular hearing issues. Never rushed to make purchase. Always put my personal needs first. — LWR

The Wake Audiology staff was extremely friendly, helpful, and knowledgeable. — RB